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Body Slimming Massager

3 IN 1 body slimming machine

Combine three functions with EMS, infrared, and sonic. It can combine various functions or single functions to use for you to choose from. EMS + Infrared mode helps your fat burning as well as make your skin firming and tightening. Infrared + Sonic mode can deeply vibrate the stubborn fat and promote the absorption of nutrition, reduce wrinkles, and skin lifting.

Body shaping machine 

This machine has sonic vibrate at the speed of 1,000,000 times/s, reaches the deep part of the skin(CAN’T Feel Vibrate ), stimulates the fat deep in the skin, consumes heat so that it achieves sculpting and shaping effect. Weight loss machines easily cope with stubborn fat, improving body resorption, making slimming become healthier, and no longer rebound.

EMS burn fat device has 5 modes (tapping, massage, knead, scrapping, and slimming) and 5 intensity selection (Make sure 0 intensity before use EMS mode). Muscles are excited by the low-frequency current to burn fat when using EMS massage, to achieve the effect of weight loss, fat burn, and body shaping.

Infrared fat removal massager 

This machine can give your gentle warm massage, clear the waste in the deep skin, promote skin vitality and activate the skin, accelerate the body circulation, reduce wrinkles, to help skin anti-aging, and enhance skin elasticity, resulting in younger and smoother looking skin.

Warm tips for using our fat-burning machine 

 (1) It DOES NOT heat up! (2) The ems intensity button on the right side is set on 0 intensity. When using EMS function please turn 0 to 1 or lower level for the first time (3) EMS mode must be used with 2 ems pads together which means it is working.EMS can NOT use on face. If you have any problem about the product, please contact us, we will solve problems for you.